Replacements For Missing Teeth

19 November 2015
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If you are missing some of your teeth then it can affect the way you eat, the way you speak and the way you feel about your smile. You want to have your teeth replaced in a way that gives you back your smile and the full function of natural teeth.

There are several options for missing teeth, and while your dentist may present you with a few different options, it will be up to you to decide which one you feel the most comfortable with. This article will educate you on the most common teeth replacement options so you have a better idea of which one you should go with.

Partial dentures to Replace a Number of Missing Teeth

If you are missing one or more of your teeth, partial dentures may be the best option in certain circumstances. Your gums may not be healthy enough for some of the other options, and the partial dentures can replace your natural teeth without doing more harm to your gums.

Partial dentures can replace one or more teeth when you wear an appliance designed to fit your mouth. You will take it out to clean it and to sleep. When you put it back in, you can eat and talk as you would with a full set of natural teeth.

Full Dentures to Replace a Mouthful of Missing Teeth

If you are in the position of needing replacements for all your teeth, then some of the other options can be very invasive and costly. Full dentures can replace all your teeth for less cost and without going through painful procedures.  

Implants for Tooth Replacement

Whether you are missing a single tooth or a lot of teeth, dental implants may be a good option. However, you will need to have good bone density in your jaw and your gums need to be in healthy shape. There are things the dentist can do in both cases to help you become a better candidate for implants, so don't get too discouraged if you need some treatments before you can get them.

Implants are devices shaped a bit like screws and they get fused to your jawbone. A small portion of the implant will protrude out from your gum and a replacement tooth will be attached to it.

A Bridge to Replace Teeth

A bridge can be used to replace one of more of your missing teeth, as long as you have other teeth that are healthy enough and within close enough proximity to provide a secure anchor for the replacement teeth.

Crowns on the bridge will be bonded onto the anchoring teeth and the replacement teeth will be secured to the bridge so they are situated right where your natural teeth were.

Now that you are well-versed in some of the options you can choose from when it comes to replacing your missing teeth, you are in a better position to choose the option that's going to end up working out the best for you. If you have any questions, contact a local dentist, such as Impression Dental, to discuss your concerns.